5 Amazing Benefits of Natural Childbirth

The wondrous experience of birth is often destroyed by the routine practice of medicine, with many medical professionals and mothers alike assuming that birth needs pharmaceutical interventions (i.e., epidural). In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! While there are certainly instances when assistance is required, the vast majority of births do not require medical intervention. Still, a natural birth can be successful and rewarding for many mothers.

There are many astounding benefits when delivery is done the way nature intended. [1] Giving birth is the ultimate expression of femininity. Sure, giving birth is difficult, that's why it's called labor. But work and effort certainly have their rewards, and bringing a new child into the world has its joyous aspects. Handing the process over to a doctor and a bunch of strangers who, with the commonplace coldness inherent in modern medicine, probably think of your delivery as just a job and not a triumph or miracle.

5 Benefits of Natural Childbirth

Childbirth is a liberating, empowering, challenging, and joyful experience. Giving birth fully aware and in a warm and comforting environment, like your own home, may provide memories for years to come. Here are five incredible benefits giving birth the old-fashioned way.

1. Empowerment

Yes, there is pain involved, but women who have opted for natural childbirth often take a different view, thinking of the pain as a rite of passage. Studies have shown that it helps prepare a woman for her new role as a mother and also helps her facilitate the birth process. What could be more empowering than being in charge? The process of birth produces endorphins, nature's natural pain reliever. If pain isn't felt because of unnatural intervention, then safe and joyous natural pain relief can't happen. [2][3]

Women are usually denied the right to refuse episiotomies during childbirth. This unneeded intervention is associated with excessive bleeding and, though it's claimed that the practice prevents tearing, the reality is that tearing is safer and heals more rapidly. Epidurals also increase the use of other medical interventions. The more interventions, the greater the risks to both mother and baby. A woman who chooses natural childbirth assures that this unnecessary intervention does not happen. [4]

2. Safety

Why should you or your baby unnecessarily take the risk of a hospital-acquired infection? The fact is that you are more likely to end up with a life-threatening illness by giving birth in a hospital—and that's just one of the risks you'll avoid by choosing a natural delivery. [5]

Bleeding is one of the greatest risks during birth and is often given as a reason for validating the safety of hospital deliveries. The reality, though, is that a woman is more likely to bleed to death as the result of a hospital birth than if she chooses a natural birth. [6] The best way to assure safety in childbirth is to do it the way nature intended.

3. Healthier Baby

Natural delivery assures that babies are …read more

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