8 Crazy Facts About Air Pollution

In yesterday's post about water pollution, I talked about 7 things you might not know about the disastrous state of some of our water supply. Water, along with food and air, is a basic necessity. WIthout clean sources of these needs, our health and environment suffers. Unfortunately, pollution is everywhere—even in the air we breathe.

Air Pollution: 8 Things You Should Know

Pollution in our air doesn't happen from purely one source. Cigarette smoke, automobiles, and industrial chemicals are only a few things that pollute the air we breathe. Let's go over 8 crazy facts about air pollution so you and your family can be better informed on how to protect your health.

1. BPA is Polluting the Air

While air pollution is a huge problem in our 21st-century world, it's not just “standard” pollutants that are an issue. BPA (Bisphenol-A) is also invading our air—and it's not going away. [2] In 2013, for example, industrial plants in Deer Park, Texas, emitted over 4,100 pounds of the endocrine disruptor. [2] As more and more chemical companies use BPA to make plastic stronger, the toxin is constantly released into the environment. Some think the lungs and skin also absorb BPA, which is a serious issue because the body does not metabolize the compound.

2. Air Pollution is Now a Deadly Health Crisis in the UK

The Environmental Audit Committee of UK's Parliament recently argued air pollution brings almost the same death toll as smoking. The committee even wants to phase out diesel cars because they're the biggest part of the problem. Just how much pollution are we talking about? Around 46% of carbon monoxide, 42% nitrogen oxides, and 26% particulate matter all comes courtesy of these engines. [3] As pollution becomes an extreme health crisis in the UK, it makes you wonder if it's reached that level in America. Have we just not acknowledged it?

3. The Air in Your Own Home is Likely the Worst

It's not only the air outside; household air is often terrible. The World Health Organization even weighed in on the issue, releasing a report that highlighted the dangers of burning fuels like coal or kerosene. The WHO also called for changes for appliance emissions. [4] While this is a bigger issue in low- and middle-income countries, gas or kerosene space heaters–something many Americans use–can also be part of the problem. An estimated 4.3 million die each year as a result of this pollution. While airtight spaces only contribute to the problem, recent evidence suggests they not only affect your physical health, but also your mental state. [5] Workers in windowless rooms had poorer sleep habits and lower overall qualities of life than their counterparts. [6]

4. Air Pollution Makes You Look Old

There's even evidence now that suggests pollution will make you look older. Procter & Gamble recently released a report that polluted air can contain over 200 chemicals that age …read more

Source: 8 Crazy Facts About Air Pollution