8 Shocking Facts About GMOs

Finding a food that has not been genetically modified can be tricky, at least if it isn't certified organic. That's because GMOs are produced by money-driven corporations seeking to prove their own idea that man is smarter than nature. GMOs are supposedly the answer to nature's mistakes, namely pests, disease, and the natural spoiling process. Despite the aggressive approach exerted by large corporate agricultural bodies, research continues to mount on the negative effects of GMO crops.

8 Shocking Facts about GMOs

GMO foods are probably not on your radar when it comes to healthy options, and rightfully so. Long-term studies of GMO food on human health have yet to be conducted. Genetically-modified organisms have infiltrated today's food supply, yet short-term animal findings suggest negative impacts on multiple organs. Here are some shocking facts about GMOs you may not know.

1. GMO Regulations are Abysmally Inadequate

Since 1990 when genetically-­engineered food crops began flooding the market, field testing across the United States has reached a frightening, almost incomprehensible scale. The USDA loosely enforces non-stringent rules for biotech companies engaged in test planting. Thousands of known safety breaches over the decades have ensued, with generally nothing more than a warning or small fine imposed on offenders.

Most testing is done with no oversight and in secret, as evidenced by investigative reporting. Perhaps the most shocking fact is that there are only 130 GMO safety inspectors for all 50 states, or barely 2 inspectors per state! How can only two people monitor an entire state for GMO safety? The answer: they can't. [1]

2. GMO Producers Own the Government

Monsanto is a multinational corporation, massive enough to make sure government regulations fall in their favor. This isn't a gray area; this is a hard fact. Ukraine and Eastern Europe, laden with rich black topsoil Big Agri is hungry for, may just be the jewel in the crown of Monsanto's worldwide conquests.

Documents from Wikileaks discovered that the US state department was pushing for loans to the Ukraine so Monsanto could grab land and begin producing GMOs. Previously, laws banning GMOs have now been cracked thanks to strong US lobbying along with a massive $17 BILLION loan from the IMF­ World Bank in late 2013. [2]

A recent political tug-­of-­war victory in Kauai requiring more extensive disclosure and accountability from corporations proliferating GMO crops onto the market and land has now been struck down as unlawful by a duplicitous federal judge. [3] Could it be that this decision was influenced by top GMO organizations?

3. The Battle for GMO Labeling Has Gotten Ugly

As the public increasingly rallies to demand GMO labeling requirements nationwide, megalithic and deep­-pocketed biotech corporations and their lobbies have been successfully buying off politicians and judges and are crushing dissent. Should citizens have the right to know if their food contains GMO or has been contaminated? Who decides? [4]

4. GMO Scientists Want to Mess With Your Coffee

For the first time in agricultural history, science …read more

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