Adrian Searle's top 10 art shows of 2017

By Adrian Searle

Chris Ofili stitched up Eden, Rodney Graham went stilt-walking, Picasso biked to the bullfight and Rachel Whiteread poured herself a hot water bottle. But the year belonged to the unsettling, eruptive visions of Wolfgang Tillmans

A whole world unravelled, room after room, in this complex exhibition. Our hunger for images is insatiable and Tillmans gave us encounters with people, things, places, views, close-ups, emergencies, even the deconstructed machinery of photography itself. The exhibition dared to deal with beauty and the everyday, as well as the whole gamut of photographic manners – from street photography to formal portraiture, land and sky and seascape, the eroticism of the body and a dead colour printer disembowelled on the studio floor.

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Source: Adrian Searle's top 10 art shows of 2017