An eye for detail: architect John Pawson’s photographs

By Becky Sunshine

John Pawson is known the world over for his stunningly minimal designs. So what's he doing publishing colour pictures?

Sitting at the long table in his King's Cross studio's less-than-ordered reference library, the celebrated Yorkshire-born architect John Pawson considers the word minimalist. It's the one most often used to describe the spaces he designs. “I don't mind it,” he says. “It starts a conversation, I suppose.”

Pawson's work is instantly recognisable. His most recent public project was London's Design Museum which reopened last year, but his hotels for Ian Schrager, the galleries and fashion stores he's created around the world, all share a look of simplicity and purity. It is entirely devoid of distractions, such as painted colour, decoration of any sort, or even much furniture for that matter. Instead, his buildings are precise, linear, open, unexpectedly warm and definitely minimalist. So it's curious then, that we're talking about a new book, Spectrum, which features 320 images, shot mostly on his iPhone or a digital camera, which have been compiled, as the name suggests, to cover the entire colour spectrum.

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Source: An eye for detail: architect John Pawson’s photographs