Bare naked photos: highlights from Sydney's Head On festival

By Jonny Weeks

Picture editor Jonny Weeks surveys the best of this year’s show, which features the works of more than 600 photographers, including Elise Derwin’s colourful essay from an Australian nudist retreat

It seems like an awkward conundrum for a photographer: how do you best photograph a group of senior holiday-makers when your subjects are all butt-naked? For Elise Derwin the answer was a actually quite simple: “Go there and nude up!”

“They said from the beginning you don’t have to take your clothes off,” she explains, “but as a photographer I really like to make connections with people and I just think if I didn’t take my clothes off and become a nudist like them, how could I make a proper connection with these people?”

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Source: Bare naked photos: highlights from Sydney’s Head On festival


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