Dark Stock Photos: jarringly bleak – and absurdly funny

By Andy Kelly

In attempting to illustrate some of the darkest moments in life, a particular genre of stock photography has accidentally struck comedy gold

I have always found stock photography hilarious. Those perfect, smiling models eating salad, high-fiving each other, and pointing at flipcharts in boardrooms. But then, 20 pages deep into a search, I noticed an image of a man sitting in front of a Christmas tree with a gun pressed against his forehead, cradling a bottle of whisky.

A jarringly bleak image, supposedly illustrating the very real, very serious issue of seasonal affective disorder. But presented so bluntly, in such an absurdly literal manner that it accidentally became funny. And that was the seed of what would eventually grow into the Twitter account Dark Stock Photos, where I harvest the likes of iStock and Getty for the saddest, bleakest images I can find.

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Source: Dark Stock Photos: jarringly bleak – and absurdly funny