David Tindle RA: A Retrospective review – lush yet spectral

By Rachel Cooke

Huddersfield Art Gallery
One of the finest figurative painters of his generation, David Tindle remains unknown to many. This retrospective is long overdue

Unless you live there, or close by, Huddersfield isn't particularly easy to reach. The journey by train from Wakefield can take up to 40 minutes, the puttering two-carriage engine that works this route no match at all for the town's magnificent neoclassical station. But never mind. Who cares about bad connections and too-weak Costa tea when at the end is one of the loveliest small exhibitions you're likely to see this side of Brexit, and perhaps far beyond it?

The painter David Tindle was born in Huddersfield in 1932, and though he grew up largely in Coventry, it's this connection that has given the town's art gallery an excuse to stage a long overdue retrospective of a career that began in the late 40s and continues still. Will this ignite new interest in him, an artist whose name is now far too little known? I hope so, and the show may yet (fingers crossed) travel. In the meantime, seek it out and you will discover, over the course of just two oblong rooms, an uncommonly exquisite painter whose sensibility, imbuing as it does the quotidian with the numinous, can be traced back to Samuel Palmer and forward to another Coventry man, George Shaw.

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Source: David Tindle RA: A Retrospective review – lush yet spectral