Frances Kearney's best photograph

By Interview by Dale Berning Sawa

‘Sylvie was a 10-year-old vegetarian. She held the dead pheasants without flinching'

This was taken on 10 April 2015. I remember the date because I was in London the day before and there was this strange light across town. A level 10 pollution warning had been predicted for the following day – which would be the highest level ever recorded in the UK. Something called the Sahara haze was coming and we were advised to stay indoors.

I knew these atmospheric conditions would give me the soft, hazy hues and muted light I like to work with – and I had this location I'd seen in East Anglia in mind. So I rang my friend Rachel and asked if Sylvie, her daughter, would be available the following day. I'd used her and her sister before, photographing them on the mudflats of the Wash, the vast estuary in East Anglia. They'd lain in pools of ice-cold water with harsh winds blowing.

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Source: Frances Kearney's best photograph