How do we get over Grenfell Tower? We don't | Dawn Foster

By Dawn Foster

Bottled water, clothes and cash will help Grenfell Tower residents in the short term, but in the long term, we must campaign for housing rights.

Outside the Rugby Portobello club, one of the community centres coordinating support for the Grenfell Tower victims, the street was thronged with people carrying donations, some arriving in vans from Brent, Slough and Essex. Across the street, a glut of press were operating cameras behind a small cordon. The intense attention, and outpouring of generosity, paid to victims in the aftermath starkly differed to their reports of the treatment they’d received before the fire, raising concerns about the safety of the building.

Many residents who spoke to me, from Grenfell and the neighbouring streets worried about what would happen once public interest subsided. There is a huge case to answer in Kensington, on how preventable the fire was, and why residents felt they were ignored.

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Source: How do we get over Grenfell Tower? We don’t | Dawn Foster


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