‘I was aware of being naked for about three minutes, then I forgot’

By Interview: Hannah Booth

Juliane Hiam remembers posing for Gregory Crewdson's Cathedral Of The Pines, 2013

I've been working with Gregory Crewdson since 2004. He's more like a film director than a photographer – he creates staged, cinematic, often unsettling large-scale art images, working with huge crews, casting directors and big budgets. His latest series of pictures, Cathedral Of The Pines, took four years to shoot, from planning to post-production. He usually employs casting directors to find people to feature in his pictures, but for this series he photographed local friends and family for the first time. It's his most personal project yet.

His backdrop is always small-town America. Cathedral Of The Pines was shot in Becket, in Berkshire County, Massachussetts. It has a church, a general store, a library and little else. New Yorkers own summer homes here, and there's a small year-round population. Gregory moved here in 2010; he was going through a sad, difficult divorce, wasn't working much, and was doing a lot of hiking, open-water swimming and cross-country skiing. My parents live in Becket, and I was nearby, so Gregory and I would get together regularly, often with our children. I became more closely involved with his work – and today we're partners in life, too.

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Source: ‘I was aware of being naked for about three minutes, then I forgot’