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The city's mayor, Joe Anderson, responds to criticism of dockside redevelopment plans

The article on Liverpool's world heritage status by Oliver Wainwright (Fall from grace, 1 July) was a poor portrayal of the real situation and of the city's record. The proposed Liverpool Waters development, by the Peel Group, is not a “stone's throw” from the Three Graces: it's half a mile down river. The former Futurist Cinema, on Lime Street, with its “beautiful ceramic facade” had been left derelict for 30 years, posed a danger to the public and needed £11m to save it with no guarantee of an end use.

Liverpool is extremely proud of its world heritage status and the site has never been in a better condition. Since 2012, more than £670m has been invested in historic assets on the site, with 37 listed buildings upgraded and the number of them at risk reduced by 75%. Liverpool has been praised by Historic England and the city has been chosen as a European heritage role model. We welcome Unesco's decision this week to investigate how the city can manage future developments on the site.

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Source: Liverpool is caring for its heritage buildings | Letters