The best art shows this Christmas

By Jonathan Jones

From Dalí's religious hallucinations and Waqas Kahn's Sufic mysticism to Susan Philipsz's take on Bowie's Starman, here are five exhibitions to revive your spirits in the event of a mince pie meltdown

If you celebrate too hard and find your head swimming, your eyes unfocussed and the world wobbling and melting as you stagger home, you will have entered Salvador Dalí country. The phantasmagoric world of this artist who didn't need stimulants to see double has never looked better than it does here. Paintings by Dalí, from his youthful work Girl at a Window, which convincingly shows what a technical talent he was, to his eerie 1951 religious hallucination Christ of St John of the Cross, demonstrate amply that however kitsch and silly he could be he was one of the 20th century's wildest dreamers. His friend Marcel Duchamp was a still greater visionary. Duchamp's readymades, including his snow shovel and bottlerack, are shown in all their philosophically discombobulating glory, along with original notes and sketches that let you into his beguiling thoughts. This is a joyously mind-expanding art explosion for the holidays.
Royal Academy, London, to 3 January.

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Source: The best art shows this Christmas