The flat Ernö Goldfinger built: ‘We fell in love’

By Becky Sunshine

How a high-rise apartment in south London, built by the legendary Hungarian architect, has been stripped back to its roots

At a busy roundabout in Elephant and Castle, south London is a small cluster of 1960s high-rises, built as offices by the legendary Hungarian architect Ernö Goldfinger. When Nic Roome and his partner Francesco Petillo moved to London from Rome and bought their two-bedroom flat on the 10th floor of one of these 16-storey blocks, they weren't thinking so much of the Goldfinger design. “We are fans of brutalist architecture,” Roome says, “but we were looking for an affordable base in London. This was the first place we saw, and we fell in love with it.”

The original three buildings, once known as Alexander Fleming House, were used by the Ministry of Health. By the early 90s they had been bought by developers, converted into 400 flats and renamed Central Metro Heights. A fourth tower was later added and in 2013 the complex was awarded Grade II listing.

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Source: The flat Ernö Goldfinger built: ‘We fell in love’