Transient Space review – tales of the city

By Laura Cumming

Parafin, London
Taking its cue from Baudelaire, a fascinating show features artists in search of the fleeting urban moment, from car parks to parkour

You are in a multistorey car park. You don't know where your car is. It must be in one of the four corners, on one of the seven levels, by one of those numberless pillars. But they all look the same. You can't leave without the car and you cannot find it in the concrete labyrinth. This is the modern city.

The familiar scenario is brilliantly embodied in a series of photocollages by the coruscating conceptual artist Tim Head, now in his 70s. Some show foyers, vacant except for the ubiquitous potted plant; others show spaces so anonymous it is impossible to guess where or what they are, except that each inspires an uneasy deja vu. And what doubles the disquiet is that you have no idea whether you are looking up or down, inside or out, whether the lights are on the floor or the roof.

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Source: Transient Space review – tales of the city