Unbuilt Liverpool: the city that might have been

By Giovanna Dunmall

Liverpool's mercantile grandeur endures – but its architectural history is littered with compromised visions, botched projects and grand designs never realised

Liverpool is a city of hills and vast expanses of water, of grand architectural gestures and monuments that speak to its mercantile wealth and history. It is also a city of design blunders and compromises – and of great buildings never built..

“In some cases the brief changed, in others the architect's own ideas changed, especially in the course of a long and complicated project,” explains Joseph Sharples, co-curator of RIBA North's Liverpool(e): Mover, Shaker, Architectural Risk-Taker exhibition and author of the Pevsner Architectural Guide to Liverpool. Some projects proved too costly and others were mere “flights of fancy” designed by architecture students, he adds.

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Source: Unbuilt Liverpool: the city that might have been