Y is for yearning: share your artwork now

By Alex Eagle

For this month's project, The Store's creative director Alex Eagle takes inspiration from French artist Yves Klein, and invites you to share your art on the theme of yearning

I still remember the intensity of my first experience of Yves Klein Blue; the brightness, the depth, the vibrancy. It felt so intense, yet so calming. The colour was something I recognised, but somehow better. I yearned to know more.

Yearning is desire that doesn't crave ownership, rather understanding. When I look into the depths of Yves Klein's incandescent carpets of pigment, the intensity, the texture, the simplicity, makes me want to look, be close to it, understand what it means. It's blue, but better. It's both natural and unnatural. It's a take on the recognisable. It is earthbound, but easy definition somehow dances out of reach.

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Source: Y is for yearning: share your artwork now